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This site used to be a portal where players came to play their favorite online games such as arcade, racing, adventure ones, shorties and so. But now we have different goal for it. While it will still continue to stay inside any genre world, from now on this place will no longer be a host for online games, but we will continue this project as a discussion and review site, different from general forum platform. It will be something unique, but similar, let's say combination of some general forum and design similar to Reddit one.

We decided to keep this name and domain because it already has decent reputation within gaming world and it's known, so it will be easier to spread our word about our new project then if we decided to register a new one so we would need to do all this job from zero to hero like it's said.

For all of you lovers of this kind of fun, we have great new that our project will cover all platforms available! If you are let's say a PC hardcore addicted, or PlayStation fan, or you just play on your portable console even mobile phone (smartphone) atc. We will cover all of these platforms! Our site will have every sections and genres covered, such as ones for action games, RPGs, MMOs, FPS, racing ones, shooting ones, shortly say all possible ones! So you'll have ultimate enjoyment browsing our powerful portal and having fun.

While we finish our site and done with all plugins, sections and everything, we compiled you some places to have fun while our work is done, so here are some gaming related sites to make you rid of boredom until you wait for us.

PS2Smart - PS2 Emulator for Android & iOS  Must have application if you're an iPhone/Android user and like to play epic PlayStation 2 games on your phone. Download this Apk/app right away and enjoy playing SONY's 2nd console in move! - Best site to keep in touch with gaming world. Read news, reviews, everything related. Our projects goal will be something like GameSpot.
Reddit Gaming Discussion - Talk about every topic related to games. Their audience is awesome to hang out.

So make yourself fun with these until we finish our database and then you'll have all these topics above covered at same place! There will be sections even for console emulators and download folder added where you'll have an option do download yourself every emulator you need! From portable ones such as GBA, Nintendo DS and such to large console ones such as PS4, Xbox One and every newly one released.
Stay tuned and thanks for supporting us!

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